Specialist in fresh & frozen (sweet) potato products

TPC (The Potato Chef) is a manufacturer of fresh and frozen potato products. We also specialise in the development and production of sweet potato products. Our range is extensive and updated continuously.

Great taste and easy preparation are the hallmarks of our products. Every product and packaging is custom-made and tailored to the needs of your consumer, commercial kitchen or industrial process.

The Potato Chef’s products are packed with flavour and can be prepared in the oven, air fryer, microwave or deep fryer.


  • Focus on user-friendliness: fast and easy-to-prepare products
  • Delicious classics and innovative products
  • Our retail customers confirm the very low waste ratio (<0.5%) of our fresh potato products, resulting in consistent and measurable product profitability
    • Specially developed precooking process
    • Extended shelf life of up to 21 days, without vacuum effect
    • Reduced susceptibility to variations in the cold chain


  • Reducing the workload of chefs and their teams
  • Efficient and surprisingly delicious products
  • Distinctive products
  • Semi-finished or ready-to-heat


  • Supporting companies in developing food concepts for various applications
  • Focus on cost management, taste and innovation
  • Standard or customer-specific
  • Semi-finished or end product

Customised product or packaging?